Monday, December 17, 2012

Day Ten Challenge

How you friends/family feel about your riding.

My mom is super supportive of my riding, but also hates it. She loves that I'm passionate about it, and loves how responsible it makes me, but she is scared of it. She doesn't like how dangerous it is, and she's a little afraid of horses. She has never spent a lot of time around them, so it's not like she has had a bad experience, she is just a little afraid.

My dad used to ride when he was a kid. He grew up in Ohio and they all mucked stalls in exchange for riding. They all just ran around bareback, none of them really knew how to ride. He still loves horses but rarely comes out to the barn, but he does love to trail ride, and he has a huge appreciation for what I do, and knows a little bit more of how hard it is than my mom. He's never worried about me getting hurt, I think he figures I'm pretty tough.

My sister is kind of afraid of horses too. She came to see me at a gymkhana and I asked her to hold kadin while I filled up some water, and he neighed and she freaked out and was like 'omg marissa come over here he's freaking out omgggg'. It was pretty cute. But she's supportive of it.

My boyfriend is supportive of it. But the one time he rode with me he got bucked off, and he never wants to ride with me. What upsets me is that this girl used to board her horses on his property and she always wanted him to ride with her. He doesn't know how to ride and doesn't know much about horses and she would just run around and she was sooo irresponsible. She had him get on bareback and bridleless to walk up to the barn once and luckily nothing happened but he easily could have been dumped. So he thinks he knows more and is better with horses than he is, and since I don't really have any horses at my disposal that he could ride, I can't really teach him.

I started riding at a time when all my friends had just left for college and I was kinda lonely. So my friends think its awesome that I ride, but they're all friends I see a few times a year.


  1. Its hard to get people to understand how you feel about riding unless they are a rider. And I have found if people have had a few rides where all went well they think they are really good riders! Oh it dont take much of a horse to humble me now about how much I have to learn and how much I thought I knew.

  2. I have made a lot of new friends by riding and being around horses. My old friends are all interested, but have no desire. My husband likes to come out and feed Shy treats and stuff, but that's about as far as he goes with horses.

  3. That is the cool thing about riding....there are always new friends to be made! Same with blogging! LOL


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