Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day Six Challenge

Question Two : all the tack and riding clothes you have.

Well this one is pretty easy for me. Because I don't really have any tack or riding clothes. I use my trainers tack on pony, since its her horse and they already fit her! I do have an English saddle that is kind of mine, I bought the leathers/irons/ and girth for it, and the saddle itself was left in a tack room when someone moved to another barn, who just leaves a saddle!!

On the subject of riding clothes...I have no real riding clothes. I have a nice cowboy hat that is a resistol. But other than that, I have no English clothing...

I also have no nice western blouses. At all of the gymkhanas I have been to I wear regular jeans, boots, a nice plaid button up and a belt!

I guess that is one thing that I have that is awesome...I have a beautiful western belt. A friend of mine made it for me, it's tooled leather with a belt buckle that is silver but looks black with a silver lining and multicolored rhinestones...I wish I was at home to take and attach a picture! It is way awesomer than it sounds!


  1. A custom made belt sounds way cooler that the one I paid 80 freaking dollars for!
    would love to see a pic of it.

  2. I would love to see your belt too, I have a couple really pretty belts that I love as well.

  3. I paid 45 for mine, but its because I'm friends with the girl that made it! It probably would have been around sixty if I didnt...
    I posted a picture of it in day seven challenge! I've gone to the store and seen belts that I've liked before, and they are SO overpriced! I found one that I thought was really cute, it was black with zebra horsehair crosses and rhinestones everywhere...until i saw the price of like 120 dollars! Crazy!


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