Monday, December 10, 2012

Day Seven Challenge

Question Seven : Your favorite ribbon won at a show and why

I would have to say my favorite ribbon won at a show was my very first ribbon.  At the gymkhanas that we go to in our area...everyone gets a participation ribbon.  which is awesome, I must admit.  But if you place, you get a button that you can clip onto your ribbon.  It was really cool to get a ribbon at my first gymkhana, especially since my trainer was very insistant that it is important to go slow and have good horsemanship before speed.  (Its sooo important!)  So at my first gymkhana I trotted the first few events, and I loped the single stake event! I got fourth place! It was really nice to get a ribbon, and also to place! It felt even better knowing that I had treated my horse great and had really good horsemanship while I did it!

Above is the picture of me and Kadin winning that fourth place ribbon.  (How arab is he!!)
But honestly, look at that face, is he not the sweetest?

Aaaand I wanted to give you a picture of my belt so you know it is prettier than I made it seem haha

My friend that made it and it was super reasonably priced...
She has a facebook page Cowgirl Sparkles, if you wanted to see what she has! She makes awesome belt headstalls too!


  1. Oh look how cute you two are together!
    I can just imagine how proud you were that day.

    The belt is lovely, just the right amount of bling. I will check out her page. I have been looking for something like that only in a black leather.

  2. Cindy is right. You and Kadin are so wonderful. Looks that both of you really had a lot fun. Congratulation to both of you. I'm so impress with the team up that both of you have. Looking forward for more wins.

  3. Aww he sure does look sweet! I do love that belt its very nice!


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