Thursday, December 13, 2012

Day Nine Challenge

Any injuries that have occurred from riding.

Other than the obvious soreness after falling from a horse, the only real injury Ive had is from falling from oreo bareback.

I broke my tailbone.  It was SUCH bad pain, I can't even describe it.  As soon as I fell, I knew I hurt myself bad.  But of course, my first thought is, 'If you fall off a horse, you have to get back on it'.

So I did.  I got myself back up on that horse.  My butt hurt sooo bad that I couldn't even sit on her.  So I put my hands on her mane and perched myself up off my butt and walked around like that.  I figured, walking was good enough.

When that hurt too bad, I just stopped her and tried to sit.  I wanted to watch the sunset.  But I couldn't the pain was so terrible.  So I got down, took off her bridle and put her back.  I went to leave, but couldn't even figure out how to get myself into my car.  Every single shift in my body made me want to cry.  I finally got into my car (I luckily had a lombar relief padded seat in my trunk which I used!) and the pain was so bad I wanted to throw up.  I finally limped myself into my room and layed down in bed.  My mom came in and asked if I could come do something for her, and I told her yes, i would be there in a second and waited for her to leave.

I wrangled my way off my bed and remembered trying so hard to not look like I was in pain so my mom didn't get mad at me.

So finally, a few hours later, i called my mom from my room.  I was laying on my right side, and I literally could not roll over.  In case anyone wanted to know, any muscle that you flex in your legs, anything, affects your tailbone.  I sat there sobbing because I literally could not even begin to roll over to my left side.

That was pretty much my worst injury.  It was just SUCH bad pain, and lets be honest, there is nothing that anyone can do for a tailbone.  No cast that they can give you, no surgery.  You just have to wait for it to go away.  Which it took a good six months for it to no longer be painful everyday.  A good week or two until I wouldn't start crying from the pain.  Even now (a year later) if I wear tight pants, it will still bother it.


  1. oh my! I have had a broken tailbone, it is almost impossible to get comfortable. I can't even imagine how you got back up on Oreo. It must have been excruciating! You are one tough cookie my friend!

  2. It's sooo hard to get comfortable, and when you think the pain is gone it will suddenly flare up! I can't ride bareback for too long before my tailbone will ache. It was so tough to get back up on her, wait til you read the post I just wrote...thanks :) I like to think of myself as tough haha

  3. Ouch! I have never landed on my tailbone that hard and will remember to not to from now on, I dont need that much pain!


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