Friday, December 7, 2012

Day Five Challenge

Question Five : Your first fall

To be completely honest, I don't know what my first fall was.  It was quite possibly loping oreo bareback (read : hanging on for dear life in the fetal position)

I can't think of a time I fell before that.  But lets be honest, falling bareback doesn't really count hahah.

I will tell you about one time that I fell though...

I was at my second ever gymkhana.  I was on the beautiful arab named Kadin....It was through csha (california state horsemans association) and there rules are that you are grouped by age grouping, rather than speed grouping.   Which I personally did not prefer.  I would prefer to be put into a group with people who have my same riding experience/level than people that are my same age!

So we were up for cloverleaf barrels, we loped through all barrels, not beautifully, we were on the wrong lead the ENTIRE time, but whatever, we made it through!

Coming out of the last barrel, I wanted to ask for more speed, so I did, and he gave it to me! I was so excited! we flew past the timing line, I started to ask for a stop, he started to stop...and then he tripped.  His front end went down so fast, and he caught himself so fast that it just popped me up out of the saddle, and over into the dirt.  It was quite comical.   And I found out I was in the top 5 in my age range!

That was until....the judge gave me a 10 second penalty for my shirt coming untucked while I was falling.

Ooookay judge, next time I'm falling off my horse I'll be sure to pay attention to tucking in my shirt and all.

Anways, I have something way more exciting for you! I went to the barn today, and on the way I got anxiety about loping bareback again.  Why this keeps happening, I cannot tell you.  But I do not want to make it into some huge deal that will terrify me for years to come, so I manned up and I skipped the saddle.

And then I walked and trotted around the arena for a good hour avoiding doing anything else.  And finally, I did it! And it was beautiful! I was relaxed, pony was relaxed, I had a loose-ish rein, and did not squeeze, and my butt felt glued to her back.  I was so happy! So of course I ran around excited like a maniac and got my trainer to come see and take a video! However, murphys law dictates that the second time I did it must be much less nice, but still, considering it was the first time I have ever loped calmly bareback, I think I did pretty dang good!

Enjoy :)


  1. Alas, my work computer will not let me open the video, but I will check it out this weekend at home!
    I have a few different comments.
    1. Seriously??? He docked you for that? I'd like to see him keep his shirt tucked in while falling off a horse!
    2.Don't you mean "womanned up" We all know that women are tougher than men (lol)
    3. um YAY!!!! Good for you Marissa! You faced your fear! I wonder if this will rid you of your anxiety issue? I'm thinking it will. I cannot wait to see the video. I would watch it tonight but have to go to the company Christmas party and will barely have time to get ready as it is. But I will watch it, I promise! :)
    Big pat on the back girl. so proud of you!

  2. Now that I have seen the video, I can tell you that I think you did great! You weren't all over the place, you were practically glued to her back and I could easily see that you were moving with her. Well done!

  3. Thank you so much!!! It felt so good! It really felt like it clicked! Like, I actually felt comfortable and wasn't begging her to stop, instead I was asking her to continue!! It was awesome!!!

    I hope you had fun at your Christmas party :)

    1. Lets just say that large amounts of alcohol and a ton of great food were consumed. We laughed till our sides hurt and had a great time with the white elephant gift exchange. Woke up this morning with a mild headache, but re-hydrating with some good old H20 took care of that.


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