Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Chats on the farmhouse porch 73

Everyday Ruralty

Brrrr it's cold on the porch today! Inside with some hot tea sounds much better.

1. What would you like to see under your Christmas tree?
2. What is your best color for clothes?
3. Tell me your favorite kind of cookie.
4? What's in the middle of your dining table right now? (flowers, a lazy susan with condiments, Christmas decorations...)
5. Please help me spread Christmas cheer to my buddy, Wendell. Please a wish for him here. :)

1. I'm currently using blogger on my iPhone, which is cool, except for your able to post pictures at the bottom of a post and that's it, so you'll have to scroll down to see what I want under my tree :)
2. I love blues and pinks! Ill also go more neutral, greys and blacks in fall.
3. I love a good shortbread. But only a really good shortbread. I also love cowgirl cookies!
4. We have a platter and a pitcher, along with a whole bunch of mail! (I almost said a whole bunch of male.... That would make my dining room table a whole bunch more exciting!!
5. Wendell, I hope you get spoiled at Christmas with all the carrots your heart could imagine. I also hope ms Patrice is an awesome owner and doesn't force you to dress up with Christmas cheer like my poor pony will be subjected to later this week :)


  1. All your answers made me smile...especially the "male" one!!! ;-) HOPE you have a great CHRISTmas and get just what you want under your tree!!

  2. 1. heated seat covers for my jeep or silk long underwear.
    2.pink, blue, black, green, sometimes red...Never orange or yellow
    3. Home made chocolate chunk
    4. Lazy susan full of stuff we never use, one end of the table (that we never use) has various, hats, gloves, mail, and other junk.
    5.Merry Christmas Wendell, may santa bring you buckets of yummy oats, and give you a nice pasture to romp in!

    side note: Hmmmmm, male in the middle of the table???? That could fun!

  3. It gives a whole new meaning to mail. Imagine going to the mailbox and discovering a malebox? Sounds like the premise for a fun book.:) I love good shortbread. Not all shortbread is good though. I love the horse picture!!! Wendell will not have to wear anything other than a Santa hat. He won't be too thrilled with that either.:(

  4. I'm so bad...I won't say what I imagined with your answer to #4 :O)...Have a Merry Christmas & a Blessed week

  5. Haha I love answer 4, table full of male, hmmm....

    I would like a pony under my tree too, would be so fun, but I would have to pick it :)


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