Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Chats on the farmhouse porch 71

Everyday Ruralty

It's a great day for a chat on the farmhouse porch today!

Here are the questions :
1. Do you have your tree up yet? If not, when will you put it up? If you don't have a tree, please tell me about another tradition you like.
2. What was the best job you ever had? The worst?
3. Do you drive around and look at Christmas lights? If not applicable, tell me something you like to look at when you go for a drive.
4. Does your tea kettle have a whistle?
5. Do you like boots?


1. Yes I do have my tree up! Its a very rare Christmas that my family actually spends Christmas at home, so usual we dont decorate, but this year I demanded that we put up a tree. So my mom and I went and got a little 3 foot tree, some lights, a garland and whatnot to hang up around our living room. It's perfectly and easily Christmas!

2. I would say the best job I've ever had is the one I have now! I've been blessed in the job field and have generally had pretty good jobs. Even my cruddy jobs were still not terrible, and in this economy that's saying something! The job I'm at right now has great hours, great pay and a great family. The worst job was horse related. Over the summer I was accepted to be a wrangler at a dude ranch. I got there to see the living conditions terrible, the horses not being treated well, and the pretenses under which I got hired false. So I left, and decided not to put myself in the situation where lives and horses lives were possibly in danger. It was a terrible situation.

3. I love to look at lights! I think it makes it feel so Christmassy. Plus, we have a radio station that plays 24/7 Christmas music, it makes the spirit come alive!

4. My tea kettle actually does not have a whistle. Our tea kettle just pops when it's done, so you kinda just have to remember that you put water on and go make your tea.

5. I LOVE boots. All sorts of boots. Rain boots, ugg boots, cute booties, heeled boots, but most of all COWBOY boots. I wear my boots everyday, regardless of if I'm going to the barn. They just feel like part of me!


  1. A 'poppin' tea kettle, now that sounds like fun!! Merry Christmas!

  2. I'm glad you walked away from a job that mistreats animals. They should be ashamed. I think a small Christmas tree is just as effective as a large one. It makes the home look Christmas-y.

    Have a blessed rest of your week.

  3. There seems to be a lot of us that love boots.

  4. I've never heard of a tea kettle that pops....gotta Google that!

  5. I guess I should clarify about my tea kettle before I start a new trend of 'poppin tea kettles' (someone should really invent an awesome one). Mines an electric one, and when it gets done the power button 'pops' into the off position, so it's a little poppy noise...but it would be so much cooler if it started popping when the water was ready or something!

    There are a lot of us that loves boots, huh!? I'm going to clue you into my secret of cowboy boots....I wear an 8 woman, and I fit into a size 5 kids boot. The kids boots that I love most go up to a size 6. It's tony lamas 3r line...they're made for kids so they're inexpensive, but sooo cute! And they are perfect because while being attractive, they're totally functional for wearing around our horses (who's gonna use a 300 dollar pair of boots to actually ride in, right?!)

    I love the way they fit and feel!

    Thanks you all for stopping by!!

  6. I would never have tea if mine didn't whistle so the pop wouldn't work for me i am always distracted while waiting for it to boil. Nice to hear that you like your job :] visiting from the Porch

  7. Very cool, I love boots too, I may have to try those kids boots :) I too have my tree up, I love Christmas so it is always up early and stays up forever (I would keep it up all year if the hubby didnt complain)

  8. I'm glad you get to enjoy Christmas with family at home. I am so looking forward to that, myself.
    Funny, I forgot about my 1-day job of being a wrangler. The place was the pitts!

  9. The dude ranch would have made me crazy! Ugh! I don't have any cowboy boots right now. That will be on my wish list. I lived in them for years. Have a great week!

  10. It is hard when you find horse businesses that don't seem to do the right thing by either of their workers - horse and human! That's why I love being in the education industry, ignorance really can affect horse welfare.

  11. 24/7 Christmas music, now that would be awesome! Your popping tea kettle invention would be cute...I can just imagine a "pop corn popping" sound instead of a whistle. Have a blessed week.


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