Sunday, November 4, 2012

Woohoo English!

So pony can totally jump, willingly.

So, I of course want to ride her English as well as western.

I have dabbled in English first ever lesson was English, and then I took some western lessons, and then I went back for another English lesson, the same trainer was super rude and condescending when I told her I was taking western lessons. She spent the entire lesson pointing out what I was doing wrong, and how it was because I rode western.

Basically I left the lesson in tears. It took me a while but I was finally able to work up my courage and find a different trainer and go take an English lesson.

So anyways, when I started leasing pony, Amanda said she had a saddle I could use but it had no attachments (leathers, irons and girth). So this weekend, up in Sacramento I found a store that was all consignment tack! Which is awesome! I was able to get a good quality leather girth that fit pony for only 25 dollars! I was also able to find leathers for 7.50! Unfortunately there were no irons for sale, so I bought those at a regular tack store that cost about 35. So I was able to ride pony English tonight!!

However, what I didn't notice until I had gotten home was the leathers I bought. One was in great condition, but the other was waaaay stretched out. Like, I don't know how it even could have happened. Ill include a picture...the picture I took had the leathers lined up even, look how much further down the first hole is on one of them! So...I was able to fix it. Punch more holes of course!

Doesn't pony look cute English? :)


  1. From the look in her eye in this pic she is saying
    "Mom! Look how big my butt looks in this saddle!"
    no that it really does, but that is what her expression says to me. LOL
    Marissa, thanks so much for stopping by my herdlife blog. I have joined yours, and read through a few of your posts. Good stuff!
    Blogging is a blast!

  2. Haha thats exactly what it looks like she'd be saying! She's super little, about 14 hands or under, so its so funny to have a saddle on her that actually makes her seem big!


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