Thursday, November 15, 2012

Today was a bit rough...

I've been super busy today and haven't had time to see pony as much as I would have liked to.  I rode her on monday, but it was an easy bareback trail ride, and she was already hot on monday.  But then again, she's the type of horse that is ALWAYS hot.  My trainer calls her the energizer bunny haha, and its so true! 

But today, she was just clearly on a whole different playing field.

Usually, when asked to lope, she goes into it nicely, she'll hump up a little if you give her too much rein.   Once in a while though, she will anticipate it and she will shoulder out and hip in.  Today, she tried to do that, and I put leg on when I felt it begin to happen, and do you want to know what her response was? A buck!

Like, what the heck! I couldn't believe it.  It didn't get me off, but it really surprised me! 

I've had horses hump up on me before, but I've never had a horse actually buck.  So, I was a little caught off guard, and since my trainer wasn't with me I didn't exactly know what to do.  My first response was to pull her face to my knee and circle her hard and yelling at her.  Then I loped her, for a while.  

Hold on, it was not a lope.  We galloped.  She's so forward and crazy, she only lopes when you really relax into it, and no amount of relaxing could get her to slow down, so when she finally did a 'not gallop' lope, I stopped, got off, untacked, and then took her back to the place where she bucked, and lunged her until she decided she wasn't going to buck again.  I was not happy with her.  But honestly, I felt bad for working her, but at the same time, she had no reason to buck! The only thing I could think of was that I had too much rein on her, but I honestly don't think thats the case. 

The only other thing I could think it might have been was that she didn't actually buck.  Since I've never been bucked before, she may have done something else, but I thought she bucked.  

Basically it felt like her butt went up higher than her shoulders. I slid forward into the saddle, it didn't unseat me, it was kinda like her back got really low, if thats a way to describe anything? 

Can anyone tell me if you think she did buck?

Anyways, on a brighter note, I have a bunch of pictures that will brighten anyones day!!

This is one of the two barn cats, Miss Kitty. (The other is Waylon)
Miss Kitty is adorable! And she loves spending time in my tack room! We have to check for cats before we lock up, no one wants to lock a kitty in all night! How cute is she? Thats her favorite hangout, is that one saddle.  She's super sweet though, as is Waylon, they loveee a good pet.

After I rode pony, I got a soapy bucket and washed her whites. She has such pretty high whites on all fours, and I felt like making her stand a while longer since I was still unhappy from the buck. 

Look at those pretty whites :)

And then......

Which of course led to.....

Seriously pony?! Seriously!!!!
I guess she was in a bratty mood today.

But, here, meet Mario

Mario is the cutest mini in the world.  He lives with pony (along with a chestnut and a bay) 
He is literally like a big puppy.  If you call his name he will run over to you.  I've met some nasty minis too, but he is as sweet as sugar.

In case you ever wanted to know what its like to look up the nose of a mini

I was rubbing his forehead and accidentally did this.  Woops, sorry man.

And then of course, since Mario was getting attention, Pony got jealous

Doesn't Mario have some pretty colors though?

So she came over.  And then, the chestnut wanted some attention too, and ran Mario away! Poor little guy

Anyways, that was my day at the barn!

Ps. if you read my post about my blanket....
my kitty loves it.


  1. Sounds to me like she gave a nice little crowhop. Sometimes they are just really feeling good and that is how they express themselves. Although I think you did the right thing by working her.
    If it had been me, I would have left her saddled, and lunged her right there first and then got back on and finished the ride. Whether or not I would have been right in my thoughts I cannot tell you, but my instinct would have told me to deal with it right then and there.
    Of course the 2 times that Trax has bucked with me (crowhopped) I didn't get off, I just rode him through it, and kept on going. Interestingly enough the only time he has done it to me was at the arena which belongs to the guy I got him from,(his previous home) and in the EXACT SAME SPOT in the arena. Although this was a full year after he had come to live with me. But I know horses remember people and places and feelings for a long long time, if not forever, so maybe there was something about that place, that spot, that I am unaware of but he recalls vividly. Regardless, bucking is not ok, and I made sure he knew that.
    After we were all done, I told him that if he ever bucked with me again I was going to sell him to the glue factory and make his beautiful painted hide into a rug! (of course I was not serious) He has not done it since. Although this weekend will be the real test, as I am determined to ride him this weekend, and I have not been on himm in two months. We will be doing lots of round penning first.
    Long story short, you did the right thing, you showed her that bucking will not get her out of the job at hand.

  2. Thanks! I had a lesson with my trainer the day after she did it (its my trainers horse that I have a full lease on) and I think we got to the bottom of what was going on. And then we had an awesome ride the day after that. I was going to do a post about it later today. That's so funny about the two times trax did it, I think it's clear there was something about that spot in the arena he has bad memories of! Maybe his previous owner had an obstacle or something there that always scared him, or that he didn't like working with. Like a barrel or a fake steer. Who knows!


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