Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Saddle fit and a funny!

So I switched pony to a fleece bottom pad rather than her normal wool pad, and it completely changed the way she acted!

She was obviously so much more comfortable! I was so happy to see her relaxed and clearly no longer in pain.

It's just another reminder that our ponies will tell us what's wrong if we just take the time to listen to them!

And I saw this on Pinterest earlier, how hilarious is it? Well played horse, well played.


  1. Oh wonderful! I am so happy to hear that a simple blanket change worked! Gosh don't you just love it when the solution is simple?

    That is a good funny, gonna have to send that to my trainer.

  2. How terrific you solved that problem. You are so right, we just need to watch and listen to what our horses are telling us. Bravo!


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