Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ponys are the lessons that just keep coming!

And welcome to part two of 'listening when your pony tells you something!'

So I've been riding pony, maybe two months ago. She is super forward, mostly at her lope (ahem, almost gallop) but I had slowly gotten her to slow it down a lot. In an English saddle, she gives me a beautiful lope. However, in the past few rides, she's been doing some weird things in a western saddle.

When I asked her to lope she gave me a little crow hop, and then especially on her left lead (which was always her better lead) when going around in a circle she was fine around one side and then she would go in a straight line and not want to turn, while giving a terrible 'jumpy' lope. It felt like she wasn't extending her back legs, and kept them together and kinda 'hopped' from front to back. So bizarre, right?

Except what I'm thinking is that the saddle is pinching somewhere. And sure enough, when I took off the pad today, there was a place where her fur looked like it had been rubbed badly on her left side, and none on the right side. So I'm thinking its pinching on the left side, so when she was on a left lead she tried to get her legs away from her, not under her like they should be.

The thing that I'm confused about is the fact that she was fine for probably 5 weeks, then acted like that once, then twice in one week, and now that's how she feels western.

So here's my question, do you think there is something that might have not bothered her, and then when she was ridden regularly it slowly started to bother her more?

My trainer said she doesn't always do great with a wool pad, so I'm going to switch her to a fleece, and hope it feels better for her.

There is another saddle I can put on her, but I'm first going to switch pads, then saddle so I can eliminate one thing at a time.

The only other thing I could think of would be that she might have lost some weight, and now it's pushing in different places.

She's such an honest, trying horse, that I know there's something going on that makes her uneasy, or hurting.

And here we go people, with the lessons you can learn from your pony! Don't forget that if you really listen to them, they will tell you what's going on!!

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