Monday, November 12, 2012

Peaceful ride

After spending the weekend with my boyfriend (as I do every weekend, he lives about 40 miles north) I got home this morning and was really dragging my feet about going to the barn.  The barn is about half an hour drive, but its closer to an hour if you get stuck in traffic, which is pretty much 7-9:30 in the morning, but 4-7 at night.

So finally I got up off my booty and dragged myself to the barn.  Its not that I didn't want to ride, its not that I don't love pony, I just didn't feel like getting up off my butt!!

So I got to the barn and pulled pony out and brushed her and picked her feet and combed her hair, bridled her and jumped on.

Well, I rode her on Friday, but not saturday or sunday, and she was hot.  She's usually sooo understanding of me when I'm bareback, but today she wasn't crazy in the least, she just wanted to do more than I let her do.  So we went out to pasture and up the hill, and it was so fantastic, just sitting directly on your pony in the sunshine looking out over all the hills.

I really need to start bringing my camera with me, I'm always forgetting!!!

The best part of the day by far was when I went to put her back.  She really likes people, but she doesn't necessarily broadcast that.

Everytime you go to get her, she runs away, and its not in a mean way, more like a 'hey lets play a game!' way, because when you stare at her and let her know you're not going to play, she lets you walk right towards her.

So today when I put her back, she stood there with me.   She didn't walk away, she just let me hug her and cuddle her and get all up in her business.  She then walked away to pee, and then came right back over to me! She's such a sweet mare, I honestly didn't want to leave!


  1. Sometimes the biggest strides have nothing to do with riding and everything to do with the relationship.
    My paint tends to be standoffish, and that is putting it mildly. So every time I am in his pasture I find a way to put my arms around him, give him hugs, scratch his favorite spots, and give him treats. My theory is this. I may not be having the time I want to ride right now, but for a solitary soul like Trax, this may be more important than the riding, right now. I believe he actually is starting to look forward to it now! :)

  2. It is so true!!

    Its so funny how horses all share what they want/like differently. There are some horses that are automatically all over you and nicker when you see them. But then there are horses that are just more reserved, and you totally have to break through their barrier and figure out how to read their super subtle signs!!

    I bet he is absolutely starting to look forward to it!! For a horse thats always been 'standoffish' I bet he was always more looked over (obviously I don't know his past) but he probably isn't used to getting attention while other horses are ignored, and I bet once he got a taste of that he loved it! He just doesn't show it like others might!


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