Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Lets be honest, we could all use more patience in our lives.

I have worked with kids for years, but I have much less patience for the younger ones. I find myself getting frustrated when the little guy I'm with now walks soooo dang slow, or when he eats, sooooo dang slow, or changing, or waking up. Lets be honest, when they're three they have two speeds : super hyper fast, and slower than molasses in January.

I also find myself losing patience in my relationship. It's not very fair though, since a lot of the time I am not clear with my feelings.

How do we move past losing patience?

It's tough. I usually take a deep breath, remind myself that it's not whoevers fault, and remind myself that I need to have more patience.

I think that having more patience also runs hand in hand with enjoying the little things in life.

When I get frustrated with my little guys slow moving feet, I look at him and see how sweet he is, how funny he dressed himself, and remember that's just how kids are! They don't understand the urgency us as adults often feel.

It's tough! But remember its worth it to take time to smell the roses and walk in the sunshine.

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