Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Chats on the farmhouse porch

So through the awesome blogger over at Living a Dream (http://livingadream2.blogspot.com/2012/11/chats-on-farmhouse-porch-thankful.html?m=1) I was able to find another awesome blog called Everyday rurality. She posts chats on the farmhouse porch, which is a few questions that you copy to your own blog and give your answers! Here are her questions!

1. What's the last thing you baked?
2. What's your favorite condiment?
3. Do you have a smart phone, dumb phone, or no phone(we're talking about cell phones)?
4. Do you have a favorite card game?
5. Tell me ten things you're thankful for - please:)

And my answers!

1. I baked cookies last week. The really stupid sugar cookies that come with a picture on them and all you have to do is dump them on a pan and put in the oven! But they are oh so tasty!
2. I really like ranch! And blue cheese from buffalo wings places, they have such good blue cheese I don't know why!
3. I have an iPhone! And I'm attached to it! I do have times where I put it down and spend the day without it, to make sure I'm not like obsessed with it.
4. I love to play card games! There's one called kings crown, or something that we always play at family gatherings that's fun!
5. I'm grateful for my family, my wonderful boyfriend, my awesome pony, the fact that I have a job and can afford to lease pony, the food I have to eat, the roof over my head, my car and truck!, the good health in my family, the circumstances that led me to find my trainer, and my kitties :)

Everyday Ruralty


  1. Hi, there! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I love that you are leasing a pony. What a great arrangement!

  2. That is a wonderful idea! Daily questions to share.

    I love the 10 things you are grateful for. I am a recovering addict, (10 years clean and sober) so I very often do my gratitude list to keep myself grounded and where I need to be in my life and in my recovery.
    Mine almost always start...I am grateful for horse poop! LOL

  3. Thanks it really is a good arrangement!

    And Cindy that's so good! My mom is 21 years clean and sober, my dad is 24 years and a few years ago we went through the long difficult process with my sister. It's such a tough road! But I bet horses make it easier :) horses are such forgiving and healing animals!

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