Thursday, November 15, 2012

Awesome DIY blanket!

So this post isn't exactly about horses, but it's definitely horse related! 

I went to Joanns last night to get fabric to make this shirt 

(Here's the link to the tutorial in case any three of my followers are do it yourselfers!)

They didn't have any good jersey knit, so I didn't end up being able to make it.  However, when I was walking around I found some awesome fleece! I'm sure everyone has seen those cool no sew fleece blankets

Like this!
(Tutorial link/credit here)

However, I found a super awesome alternative to that! While those are fun, I think the sewn edges can be a little kid-ish (not that theres anything wrong with that! I just didn't think it would go with my fabric as well)

So I found this tutorial that gives this super pretty edge! And it is still totally no sew.

Its fun right! So I found this awesome fleece that was totally on sale, and it had horses on it! What more could I ask for! So I got two yards of two different patterns of fleece.  

First, I moved a bunch of furniture out of the way in my living room. And I laid down my first fabric
Isn't it awesome? A wild west, cowboy fabric!

Heres my second fabric! 

Wild Horses! Isn't it cool?

So first I cut off the excess fabric that is actually called the selvage, which is something I learned last night.

Then I forgot to continue taking pictures.  I had to cut one inch slits all the way around the sides, I laid the two pieces together and cut through them both at the same time.  However, I cut the pieces closer to like two or three inches long, so I had to trim each piece when I cut a small slit in each one.

Here was my scraps pile.  Holy crap.  And then I followed the tutorial I put the link to and used a crochet needle to pull each piece through the one before.  

I did have a little helper with me though

Isn't she cute? She pounced on the tape measure everytime I had it juuuuust right. So dang helpful!

Aaaaaand (drumroll please) here is my finished project! Do you like it? I love it! Its so comfy and cute, and I think the edge looks pretty dang good!


  1. Wow that turned out so nice! I have one a friend of mine made for me out of the wild horse fabric, and white on the other side. But she just tied hers. I really like the way you did yours. Much nicer and neater. Plus I have found that the tied ones eventually start coming undone after washing.
    I really like that wild west fabric.
    You really can sew a shirt like that! Dang! That is talented!

  2. Thanks! I had so much fun with it and I really like the way it turned out! Plus its warm :) I'm completely the type of person that would rather have less clothes on and cuddle up under a blanket, than wear a lot of bulky sweaters and stuff if I'm just lounging around the house!

  3. Love how your blanket turned out! I always love to see people using my tutorial. Thanks so much for linking back too. Love your little helper. I don't have a cat to help me...just my 4 kids.


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