Thursday, October 25, 2012

Can't let the bad days get you down!

Well, today sucked.

Lets just be blunt.  I'm having small, stupid, annoying, and a normal relationship fight with the boyfriend.

And lets be honest, it's hard to get yourself out of that funk when you get into it!

I asked my trainer for a bareback lesson, and she said she was available for it today.

You know how when you close your eyes, or when you envision yourself with your horses, there's that one perfect moment you want to have, or one perfect thing you want to do.

Some people may want to gallop through a field of flowers.  Some people may want to be able to do a 17 second barrel run.  Some people may want to jump that certain height jump.  Some may want to be able to gallop through a pasture and jump a picnic table.  Who knows! But everyone has that thing that I'm talking about.

Mine, is to be a great bareback rider.  I want to be able to ride just as well bareback as I can with a saddle.  I don't know why, but since I began riding, that has been the one thing that is sooo important to me.  Stupid huh?

Anyways, I have no problem walking and trotting bareback (depending on the horses trot, the halflinger is terrible!)  Its really the lope/canter that I want to work on.  I've done it on a few horses, but never long enough to settle into it.  Usually just enough to do a quick lap hanging on and then stop before I fell off (or like last January when I stopped because I did fall off.....and broke my tailbone...)

So really, my goal for my lesson was to settle into  a lope while bareback.  I suppose I should have made my expectations clear.  I expected her to possibly put me on a different horse, since the horse I am currently leasing is small, forward and quick.  However, she told me to go get pony and get groomed.  Once we got into the arena, she told me that the one thing with pony is I would probably run into trouble loping her.  She herself hasn't really loped her more than once or twice bareback before (and  she's owned her for 8 years).  Pony has very little surface area, and while she is smooth, she is very forward, and while trotting, she'll slow down if you lose balance, but while loping she is much more likely to go faster if you lose balance.   I suppose, right then I should have told her that was why I wanted a bareback lesson.

However, after the fight with the boyfriend I wasn't feeling up to putting myself out there.  And of course, afterwards, I felt pretty crappy with myself.  I paid to have a lesson to learn stuff I have already learned.  And it was totally not my trainers fault.  It was because I decided not to communicate clearly.

But I guess you can't let one crappy day get you d


  1. as a young girl my best friend and I always always rode bareback. All the kids in the "hood" would get together and we would race our horses in the alfalfa fields by our houses. We raced bareback, how we stayed on I'll never know, other than the fact that we had wonderful horses and no fear! We were like little wild Indians! Now I am older I have one horse that I feel safe on bareback, and even then a lope is out of the question. I just don't have what it takes to hang on like a monkey anymore. I feel silly and old at those times. The one thing I know though, if you can master this, you can't help but be a good strong rider!

  2. Thats so much fun!!! I have only been riding like a year, and there is nothing I wish I could have experienced more than those 'crazy years' of being like 12 and doing everything possible on a horse! I don't think its necessarily getting old that makes you scared, I think its the reality of what could possibly happen becomes much more obvious when your older. When your a kid you know what could happen, but it becomes a 'that never happens to me' type of a thing!


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