Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ask, and you shall receive.

Today, I went to ride pony, and it was awesome!

Pony is a 13 year old BLM mustang. She's super forward, and so much fun! The more you get tight and clench, and hold her mouth, the less she responds. So she really is a lesson in using your body to direct them!

She was a bit on the lazy side today (probably because she had been eating when I went to get her!) which is totally unlike her.

So, while loping I asked for a stop. She stops nice. Its not a sliding stop at all, but when you ask, she'll trot a step and take a step of walking and then stop. Which is quite nice for such a forward horse!

However, the next stop I had her do, I didn't release pressure until she had backed up a few steps.

This is totally my favorite exercise with a horse! It is such a simple way to help your horse know what you mean and how to achieve it. For anyone who doesn't know what that does, it basically teaches them to get their butt underneath themselves when they stop. It's easier for them to stop more efficiently, and most horses get it ASAP.

And oh man, did pony get it! I did that with her once, and the next time I asked for a stop from her lope, she planted those feet in the ground and I NEARLY flew over her neck! It surprised me that she did what I asked for so quickly! After such a great stop from her, we cooled off and she was done for the day!

Here are a few pictures of her. She's very nosy...teehee. I also braided her before I put her back. With the first rain, came massive knots!

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