Thursday, October 18, 2012

About Me

Hey all!

I figure an introduction is in order!

I'm creating a blog in order to talk about my horses, horse experiences, what I've learned, and to hopefully be able to look back and remember things I learned.

I'm Marissa. I'm currently 20 years old, and only started riding about a year ago.  I grew up doing gymnastics, and caught on to riding super quickly.  In the short year that I have been riding, I started with lessons and quickly moved onto leasing and showing.  I have ridden many different breeds of horses, dealt with all sorts of temperaments, etc.  I have so much more to learn! I hope to be able to pass on the silly tidbits I've learned to other people!

I live in central california, and I completely caught the horse bug.  I love everything about them! I really believe that how much effort you put into horses, is how quickly you will learn and grow as a horse person.  I think that good horsemanship is the most important thing to learning and growing!

I ride western, but have dabbled in english and I think I am going to continue dipping my toes into the shark infested waters of prissy english riders. (No offense to cool english riders, I simply hate when they have that stigma of being better than a western rider, simply because we have a different seat or way of riding.)

Hope that gives you a little insight into me!

(I can't find the credit for this picture...if anyone knows let me know!)


  1. Welcome to the blogospehre. It's a nice place to connect with other horse people and learn new things. I hope you continue to ride both Western and English. They are both good disciplines. It's good to know how to do both and fun. All English riders aren't prissy just like all Western riders aren't yahoos. I think there are good and bad riders putting their stamp on the discipline they choose.

    1. Thanks! I like the way you think!

      My first english lesson totally ruined me, the girl was nice to me, until she asked me about my riding experience. When she found out I rode western she was totally rude and condescending. She literally spent the entire lesson pointing out how everything I did wrong was because I rode western first. Obviously, I was doing stuff wrong because I'd never been in an english saddle and she wasn't helping!! However, since then I've met some awesome people who rode or ride english and I finally worked up courage to find a different trainer and test out the english waters, which really was a lot more fun when your not being put down the entire time!


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